Repeat after me: Always Be Closing.

If you’ve been in the real estate business (or sales in general) for more than a few weeks you’re probably very familiar with the ABC mantra of selling: Always Be Closing. It’s widely touted and a good reminder to all sales professionals to always have the end goal in mind. Because let’s face it, if you don’t close deals, you don’t get paid.

Having an ABC mentality works when meeting directly with clients who are interested in your offer. But in the digital marketing world, it’s not always that simple. Digital marketing is different because you’re not having a direct conversation with one person, but rather speaking to many people at once. And to further complicate things, the different people you’re speaking to can all be at different stages in the sales cycle.

While digital marketing changes the medium of communication, the fundamentals of real estate sales are still the same. To close a deal, you need to make sure the person is interested enough and trusts you as a real estate expert. If they’re not interested enough, you need to increase their interest. And if they don’t see you as an expert, you need to demonstrate your expertise. But how do you do that online?

The new ABCs for digital marketing: Always Be Helping (ABH)

It’s no secret that the key to growing your professional network and your business is to help as many people as possible. Just getting your name out there by handing out business cards is prioritising quantity over quality. A ton of people might have your contact info, but you’ll never stand out and develop a well-known reputation.

Always being there when people are in need of advice or assistance is the best way to stand out from the crowd by showing people that you truly care. If people know they can always turn to you for help, eventually they’ll come looking for assistance with problems that you get paid to solve.

To always be helpful in your digital marketing, you must first understand your audience’s different levels of interest and positions in your overall sales cycle. Once you have a rough idea of who your audience is, group them by their levels and areas of interest (saw a house sold in the neighborhood, looking to renovate, need to buy tomorrow…).

For each group, make sure you have content that is helpful, will increase their interest and move them closer to wanting your services in the future. As long as people find you helpful, they’ll always come back until they become loyal clients.

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