We’ve talked before about the mantra for digital marketing: Always be helping. Starting a blog is a great way to provide people with valuable information by informing them about issues in your area and educating them about the real estate sales process.

A real estate agent with a great blog is able to show their expertise, express their personality, and set themselves apart from other agents. But if you’ve never started a blog before or are new to writing online, it can be a daunting task. Doubts can tend to creep in such as:

What do I write about?

Will anyone care enough to read it?

Do I have the time for this?

Will all the effort even be worth it?

One way to overcome the doubts is to just start writing. Jumping right in is a good way to get started fast, but it usually creates more problems down the line. Without a content plan, your articles will be haphazard, unorganized, and won’t be aligned with the ultimate goal of gaining more clients.

Taking the time to make a proper content plan ensures that you cover all the necessary topics, makes generating article ideas much easier, and aligns your content with the goal of gaining more clients. Here’s how to create a content plan for a better real estate blog in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Who does you your business help?

For most real estate agents it’s pretty simple: home buyers and sellers. These two groups of people are your audience for your blog. They’re who you’ll be speaking to and you should keep them in mind whenever you write an article.  

Step 2: How does your business help them?

For each type of person that you help, write down all of the services that you provide for them. Think about the entire home buying process and go into as much detail as possible. The more service areas that you can think of, the more topics you can write about on your blog. For example:

Home Buyers

  • Provide neighborhood insights to assist with home search
  • Coordinate showings with homeowner
  • Research and verify home information (owner, deed, zoning, public record…)
  • Negotiate best price
  • Assist with inspections and appraisal
  • Navigate the closing process

Home Sellers

  • Prepare home for sale
  • Present sales comparables and market conditions
  • Market home and find buyers
  • Negotiate best price
  • Assist with inspections and appraisal
  • Navigate closing process

Step 3: What can you say on each topic?

For each service, think of 3 article ideas about the service itself or related to a larger topic. For example:

Provide neighborhood insights to assist with home search

  • 3 Websites to Research a New Neighborhood Online
  • The Best Cafes in Capitol Hill, DC
  • Looking for Great Public Schools? Bethesda, MD is for You!

This will be your basic content plan. If your brokerage focuses more on certain topics than others, plan more articles for those topics. Keep in mind the articles should inform, entertain, and be unique. By that we mean:

Inform: the reader gets useful information from reading it

Entertain: they read the whole thing and maybe even share it with friends

Be unique: specific to your location, your areas of expertise, and your personal experience

Once you have a content plan for your blog, it’s time to start writing. Don’t worry about making every article perfect from the beginning. Just be authentic and genuinely helpful, and you’ll eventually find your voice.

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