The most common real estate website mistake is a lack of focus.

Many real estate websites are a mess. They’re filled with interactive features no one uses, copy that rambles on about unrelated topics, and multiple buttons asking people to do completely different things. You may have a problem if pages on your website read like this:

Share this page on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Send this property to a friend! Sign up for email updates! Create an account to save this property! Call us to receive a free consultation!

When people are bombarded with so many options, they get confused and end up doing nothing at all. Real estate websites like this aren’t only ineffective, they’re disrespectful to the viewer. They force the viewer to do all the work. Not only does the viewer have to take an action, they also have to figure out which action they want to take.

Some real estate websites suffer from the opposite problem. They don’t ask people to do anything. They seem to just exist as a placeholder and nothing else. Without a clear call to action, you look scared that you think people will leave if you ask them to do anything. These websites are a waste of peoples time and a waste of your money.

“But isn’t having any website better than nothing at all?” you might ask. Sure, in the same way that meeting a client in your underwear is better than meeting them naked. Either way you look unprepared and unprofessional.

Too many features without enough thought

Because most agents don’t think about their website from the viewer’s perspective. They believe that they must have all the latest features, without ever thinking about why they need those features.

If you ask agents why they have a feature, such as the ability to share every page on social media, they say, “Because all the other agents in my area do.” This is the online version of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’.

The big mistake here is thinking that features and volumes of content will create a website with substance and lead to results. Carefully planned, targeted content is the real substance of a website and is what leads to measurable results. Creating a website with tons of features and no substance, is the equivalent of putting icing on a brick and calling it a cake.

Don’t bake a brick cake.

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