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Case Study goDCgo, DC Department of Transportation


In May 2016, WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) released the final plan to address and repair the Metrorail system through SafeTrack, an intense year of track work intended to make Metrorail safe and reliable for its 700,000 weekday passengers.

DDOT (DC Department of Transportation), through their goDCgo initiative, needed to inform the public ASAP about the upcoming delays, shutdowns, and schedule changes. One of the first steps that goDCgo decided to take was to create a website for the upcoming SafeTrack program.

The website needed to have all of the necessary information in an easy to read format, and work on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. With SafeTrack program details changing on a regular basis, the website also needed to be able to be updated very quickly on short notice.

One final consideration was the branding. The SafeTrack program was going to disrupt hundreds of thousands of people’s daily commute. Since people were not pleased with the upcoming changes, the website needed reassure people that WMATA understood their frustrations, and offer a positive outlook for the year ahead.


We launched the initial SafeTrack website after just 1 week so that people could have as much time as possible to prepare for the upcoming changes. The website launched with information about all of the SafeTrack delays, alternative means of transportation, and a blog for additional information and the latest press releases.

The website also featured 2 contact forms, one for commuters and one for employers. Commuters can enter their starting and ending location to get a customized plan to minimize delays related to SafeTrack. Employers are able to request specific information for their employees commute. The employer contact form was integrated with SugarCRM and Hubspot for easy follow up campaigns.

We later added a directory of over 100 helpful tools and apps to the website, and the ability to translate the website between English and Spanish with the click of a button.


Since the initial launch, website has been mentioned by the Washington Post, NPR, DC mayor’s office, and even on highway billboards (495 & 295). Thanks to the website, thousands of commuters have been able to better navigate delays during the SafeTrack program.